How About a Dream Job?: $100,000 a Year to Play Poker Online

There is a pretty cool site called PokerStars that I haven’t really looked into, but what I little I DO know about them is…they rock, when it comes to promotions.

Keeping in mind that I still need to look at them for you, this came across my computer screen. It’s a promotion open only to US players and they call it a Dream Job USA promotion. Of course, they want you to play in their tournament.

But the top prize is intriguing. A 12 month contract ($100,000) to play poker under the PoKerStars aegis.

The contract includes the salary and a $5,000 month and $40,000 dollars to use on buy ins when you play in the world’s largest tournament.

The main event of this promotion will be a $109 dollar buy in tournament. Winner gets the contract.

Sounds pretty sick, right?

Here’s the rules, courtesy of a press release:

Though $109 dollars can be somewhat steep, PokerStars is not without sympathy. Every day until November 28th, the day before the main tournament, steps and satellites are running for cheap entrance into the main event. For $1.10, players can enter the $11 dollar main satellite to the main tournament. Frequent player points can also be expended in order to enter these satellites.

For 10 frequent player points, entrance into a step tournament is allowed. For 1,000 FPP’s, players will be able to enter the satellites directly. There are also freerolls running in order to enter satellites, allowing even the most frugal of players to have a shot at this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The main event begins on? November 29th at 19:00 ET.

You can buy into the finals with $109. Not too bad, considering the payoff.

I urge you to google PokerStars before getting into it. I do not advocate, in this column, any particular site. Rather, I try to point out the interesting ones, with interesting promotions.

So let the player beware…and damn it, have a good time.

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