888 Poker offers great promotions and tournaments

For those of us who enjoy the experience of playing poker both in person in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and on the Internet, it’s always a revelation and a distinct pleasure to find an online site that seems to incorporate the best of both worlds. That’s why I was thrilled to come across 888 Poker, which is actually one part of a larger 888 Casino site.

Both 888 poker and the larger casino web site rock. I particularly like some of the promotions and the tournaments offered, but what’s really cool are some of the extras that you don’t see very often (if at all) at other casino sites. Stuff like PokerCam (webcam poker), Private Games, Teams Poker and 3D poker. The site offers lots of free and interesting downloads, for example, the Daily Challenge series or Double or Nothing tournaments. When you go to the website, don’t forget to click on those “buttons” to find out more and then let us know what you think.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re not a professional. You just like to play at an easy to use, easy to navigate, secure, safe and HONEST casino website and I”m happy to report that 888 Poker is really easy to use and figure out. Thanks here, to the folks who put this all together. They also have a generous number of welcome packages and promotions, so if you’re just getting into this website for the first time, there are some pretty neat opportunities to get a head start and extra funds in your account. Never pass those up is my advice.

I want to shout out about the PokerCam, which is a very cool aspect of 888Poker. As an amateur I like the feeling of playing in a live casino and much of what is offered here gives me that real feeling; to me, that’s a big deal.

And finally, I have to say a word about 888Casino. If you want to take a break from 888Poker move over to the casino, where you can play roulette, slots and other games. All of this is done in a tasteful, easy to look at website, and that’s important to me.

But don’t just take my word for this. I invite you to check out the website, play a while and then let me, and everyone who reads this posting, know what YOU think. I figure you’ll like 888Poker a lot; I know I do.

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