willing to take the gamble that poker is a skill?

According to this article posted a few days ago, a Colorado court has ruled that poker is a game of skill and is therefore not gambling. The defendants in the case were cleared of charges related to illegal gambling for running a private poker game. By trotting out testimony of the amount of skill relative to chance involved in the game, the defense convinced the court to overturn a long held view of poker as gambling.

This seems to me like it will set quite a precedent. Perhaps it will have import on the constant problems facing online poker play. I’m not sure how I feel about this ruling. I had always thought that it was the monetary aspect that counted something as gambling. Chess – an undeniable game of skill – could be turned into gambling if betting became involved; or at least that’s what I thought. Ina any event, if this decisions ends up having greater ramifications, then I’m sure that poker’s status will be up for far more debate then this single case. But lets not forge the words of the legendary Tom Landry on this subject.

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