46th of 1571 players: My latest run in a tourney

Last night after booking some profits in the heads up matches I decided to play some of the larger tournaments, namely the $10+$1+rebuy at “pokerstars.co.uk “and the $10+$1 limit rebuy at pokerstars. The $10 NL rebuy game had 1571 entrants, and at the end of the first hour I was at $13,000, about 3k above average. During the second hour I went all in with the nut flush draw and was called by top set and failed to hit any of my 8 outs, taking me back to down to $6,000. All but out, I decided to either double up quickly or get out… well, I didn’t get out.

I went on a rush of cards that saw my chip stack grow to over $80,000 by the next hour, double the average and in 27th place. Some of those hands included:

Double up with 88 vs 66
Double up with AQ vs A9
Triple up with JJ vs AK vs 77

During the third hour I made a few plays to trap my short stacked opponents for the rest of their chips. By limping from middle position with AKo I tempted a shorter stack to move all in to take the pot right there. I called and he showed 76o, drawing dead after I hit an ace on the turn. Then, right after the third break I had 66 in the big blind. Same situation with 2 limpers a middle position stack goes all in to steal. I called and they showed 54 of spades. They had almost 13 outs on the river but missed, and I was up past $125.

For the next hour and a half I stalled, stayed around $100k. By the 5th hour I was below average and with 88 people left I was in 45th place. I started making moves, raising with 22 under the gun and pushing all in on the flop of 5 6 8, winning a hefty amount of chips and putting me back above average. Then I made a loose, possibly game-ending, raise with QJo from middle position and I was called by the tournament chip leader (he had over 500k). The flop was ace high and I had to fire a bet, luckily he folded, and I passed the 200k mark.

I picked up the blinds a few hands with 44 and 33, and then this hand came up:

A player I had notes on from earlier in the game limped from UTG. I knew that he loved to limp and play really weak preflop with premium hands. I was on the button with pocket jacks and was simply going to flat call as well to see a flop, but before I got the chance a player with as many chips as me moved all in. The UTG raiser instantly called with QQ, and the all-in player showed AK. A king on the flop sealed the fate for my sneak limping opponent, and I dodged a bullet.

Finally we were down to 46 players and I was below average again, as every round around the table was costing $24k. With my remaining $160k I made a big raise with AQo, was reraised by the big blind, and called all-in. He showed 88, I lost the coinflip and finished in 46th for $180 prize. I spent $70 in the event rebuying and adding-on, so I profited $110. Not too shabby, but first place was $15,800! Ah well, had a blast anyway.

In the limit tournament that I was playing at the same time I was top 10 the whole way. 180 players paid and with 24 left the limits were 2k/4k, making every bet pretty formidable. I called a raise with JJ and the flop came K 8 3, check check check, a jack on the turn made me bet out 4k, both called. An ace on the river and I bet again, was raised, and simply called, thinking something like Q10 was very possible from this player. Instead he showed KK and I was hurting. Next hand in the SB I called the big blind with K2 of spades. I must’ve been tired (it was 5am) and didn’t realize that UTG had limped. The flop came down 3 2 3 and I bet out. UTG limper called. I bet again on the turn of 6 and he raised. I pushed for my last 3k in chips and he showed AA. The 33 on the board had me drawing for 2 outs, the remaining dueces. Needless to say I missed, falling from 4th place to out in 23rd. And who says limit isn’t like NL? Just like that and I was gone, missing the money by 5 spots.

MTTs are a great way to test your poker ability. You’ll be forced with a lot of difficult decisions, and making it deep into the money can really test you once you’re surrounded by high-caliber players and lots of money at stake. On one hand I raised with AK of spades and had one caller. The flop came down Q 10 4 and he checked, I bet 2/3rd the pot. He check raised me all in for 6k. The pot was 4k, but I just couldn’t believe he was playing a queen here. I thought about, actually talked to Ben about it, then called, hoping he was on the draw. I called and he showed KJ for the str8 draw, missed, and I was up to 13k to start a run to the money. MTTs offer a lots of poker experience with big payouts for minimal money invested (except rebuy tournaments are expensive). Good luck!

I've been playing poker for almost four years now (well before it was legal for me, woops!) Besides poker I enjoy playing the guitar and I'm very enthusiastic about pursuing Dentistry as a career. I'm currently at The Ohio State Univeristy studying Microbiology, living with three of my close friends. I'm dating a lovely girl from Australia and am looking forward to the oppurtunity to study abroad over there as well.

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