344th Place at the $50,000 Freeroll Tournament at Dream Poker

I just got knocked out of the Dream Poker $50,000 freeroll.  I placed 344 out of 4118 entrants.  If I had placed in the top 300 I would have placed in the money.  Oh so close.  At one point, when there were only about 600 players left, I was in about 150th place.  But as usual when I start the downhill plunge there is no stopping me.

I still think Dream Poker is a nice site, and if I had some disposable income, I might even use it to play here.  As I mentioned in a prior post, it is one of the few sites that gives free money ($10) for signing up without requiring a deposit.  You need, however, to give a credit card or debit card information.

I also got $10 from VC Poker for signing up without giving a deposit.  Of course, I lost it, but not after being up about $35.  What else is new?

I just received a bonus code in the mail from i4 Poker, which will give me 5 pounds to try out their site.  I’m sure it will be gone soon.

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