3-Day Losing Streak at i4 Poker

So it’s day three of my new conservative approach to limit hold’em at i4 Poker.  Each time I play I start with only a little bit of money and if I lose it, I’m done for the day.  No reloading.

I can’t yet say that it’s a winning approach, as I have lost each day.  I’m down to about 25 quid, after being up more than 40 quid. 

Although I am on a three day losing streak, I won’t yet abandon my strategy.  For one, I’ve noticed that when I lose the 5 quid, the amount that I start off with each time I play, I’m not that upset.  I think in the past when I would lose this amount, I would get vexed and this would negatively affect my game.  I would take more risky chances, trying to recoup.  Playing with one’s emotion not in check is not a good thing.  You end up making stupid calls, and “counting your money while you’re sitting at the table”.  In addition, you feel worse about yourself when you stop playing.

Another reason why I won’t change my strategy is that I still have money to play with.  I haven’t thrown it all way, as I did in the past, when my luck/skills would take that lightning trip south.  Yes, it is hard to stop playing for the day when I lose the money, especially when the loss can happen so quickly, as it happened yesterday, when I lost the 5 quid in about the first 4 hands.   But, as the great rationalist philosopher Spinoza once said, “All things noble are as difficult as they are rare”.

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