2010 Poker Stars: Who Will Shine in the Spotlight? Some Fast Guesswork

Now that we’re almost two weeks into 2010 I’ve been researching some of the new players you might be seeing on the WSOP circuit. Future stars, as it were.

I like Tom Dwan to have a good year. He has been a winner in the past. Almost dominant. But now he has a new sponsorship deal which will allow him to enter more tournaments.

Rather than facing off against the best poker players in the world each day, Dwan will be focusing his energy on beating tournament fields filled with amateurs, online qualifiers, and, of course, pros.

I figure with that strategy, he should win two or three or more tournaments this year, plus a WSOP bracelet.

My second pick is (you guessed it) Gavin Smith, winner of the World Poker Tour Player of the Year, season 4.

Other picks to click are Peter Eastgate (who wouldn’t pick the WSOP past champion) and Joe Cada, whom we’ve talked about on this blog many times.

I’ll put my money on Justin Bonomo also having a good year ahead. He’s been consistent in his up to now short career.

We’ll see how good these predictions are come end of the year.

Oh, there will always be an unknown who jumps into the spotlight. That’s the real fun of all this.

Do YOU have any players you want to predict will have good years?

Let me know.

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